Refuse Collection Service

Your neighborhood is serviced twice per week, either Monday/Thursday, Tuesday/Friday or Wednesday/Saturday. One day is designated for refuse pickup and the other for recycling pickup. Most island homes are using the wheeled carts provided by the City, but some areas where automated collection is not possible, are still serviced with a manual collection system using your own 35-gallon containers. If you are located in a manual collection area, both of your weekly collection days are for mixed waste, no sorting as yet. Recycling was expanded to the automated areas first, and plans for the manual areas are currently underway.

Bulky Item Pickup — As of June 3, Bulky Item pickup is by appointment only. You can make an through, or, if you do not have internet access, by calling 768-3200.


There is a lot of information on how to deal with our waste on Oahu. is a one stop website that can answer every question you may have on how and when to handle your waste and bulky waste needs. This Department of Environmental sponsored site is well laid out and will even show you a photo of your home as you prepare to download or print your calendar of scheduled pickups for the year. This is a good sheet of paper to remember which re-cycle day it is.

Having waste removed smoothly is easily accomplished after spending some time on There will be many links to this website throughout the HLROA website.