HILOA Roadwork Information

Hawaii Loa Ridge Repaving of Asphalt Roads will begin July 20th, 2020

On Monday our repaving contractor - Seal Pro’s will begin mobilizing.  

Here’s what you need to know:

  • HLR Owners will be notified in advance by the General Manager’s office when road access to their lots will be impacted by the repaving.
  • The new pavement will be applied hot, and driving on fresh asphalt will likely damage the new asphalt and your vehicle.
  • Fresh asphalt needs to cure overnight before vehicles can be driven on it.
  • Owners will be responsible for any damage they cause to fresh asphalt.
  • Seal Pro’s will break the Ridge’s asphalt paving down into about 12 sections.  Paving will take place every 2 or 3 days.
  • If you need to leave your home during construction hours (8am-4pm Monday thru Friday), please park your vehicle on a street that is not being worked on -either before 8am, or after 4pm the night before.  
  • Under no circumstances should you block driveways, fire hydrants, mail boxes and designated no parking areas.  
  • Security will not ticket paving-affected Owners that park on the street overnight.
  • Seal Pro’s will have a golf cart to help Owners who may need assistance getting to / from their cars.  
  • Seal Pros will provide traffic control during working hours.
  • For Owners planning any construction, heavy trucks (6-wheel or larger) will not be allowed on the newly paved streets for 3 days after being laid down.  Please inform your Contractor of this requirement or they could face being turned away at the gate.

Repaving is expensive and we only do it once each 16 years.  Please be patient now, in order that we may all enjoy like-new roads for years to come.

Download PDF Map


HLR Repaving Project Schedule: July – Sept. 2020

Roadwork map